Aid and Attendance

What Is The Pension With Aid & Attendance Benefit?

  • Wartime veterans or surviving spouses of veterans may be eligible for funds via a Veterans Affairs (VA) Pension Benefit – that can be used to offset the cost of healthcare expenses like a part-time home care aide.
  • Estimates show 15+ million people in the US could qualify today. Only 1⁄2 million people have the benefit.
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Why Don’t More People Have This VA Pension Benefit?

Where Do Veterans Usually Go To Apply For This Benefit?

  • Most Veterans and Spouses of Veterans don’t know the benefit exits.
  • Some have been told by the VA or others that they don’t qualify.
  • The benefit is complicated! Some try to apply and just give up after spending many frustrating weeks on the paperwork and process.

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  • Veterans Regional Benefits Office – Location can be 50+ miles away. Wait times at these offices can be 3+ hours and can require multiple long visits to complete the benefit application paperwork. Approval rates average around 45%. Approval time frames average around 10-12 months. 
  • Elder Care Attorneys– Too often, Elder Care Attorneys won’t work with Veterans who don’t need a Will, a Trust, or an Annuity. Approval time frames average around 10-12 months with varying rates of approval – depending on the attorney’s experience. Three Year Look Back – as of 10/18/18

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